About Us


We're located in the beautiful Bavarian town of Leavenworth located in the heart of Washington State. Leavenworth is nestled between magnificent mountain ranges that house an abundance of natural plant medicine, wildlife and clean rivers. It's in this amazing setting that Earth Body was born. Founder, Kelli Riddle is a naturalist at heart and is passionate about educating whomever will listen, the importance of natural products and the dangers of plastic. Her dream was to create a way to deliver eco friendly, plant based products to those who were ready to lower their carbon footprint but weren't sure where to start.

We work hard researching the best eco friendly products available on the market and support businesses who share our mission. We also produce a variety of natural products such as bath bombs, meditation candles and specialty chocolates. 

"May you feel a connection with the earth in every product you use." -Kelli Riddle

Photo by: Dzhan Wiley