Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "Can you tell me what's in the box before I buy it?"
A: No, that's the fun of it! Each box is designed to be a surprise gift for you or your loved ones. Enjoy some of your favorite oils and also get introduced to some new ones you might never have tried otherwise.
Q: "How many essential oils come in each box? Are they sample sizes?"
A: Each month and box size is different but we guarantee that the value of the oils, products and accessories in the box is greater than the price of the box.
Q: "Can I re-order an item in the box from Earth Body?"
A: Yes! Each item featured in the box will be available to re-order. You'll find it in our shop after the box gets mailed out.
Q: "Can I return the items I don't want or like?"
A: No, the items in the box are all yours! If you don't care for a smell or the style, we encourage you to re-gift it to someone that will appreciate it. If an item is broken or not in working order, please email us at: info@earthbodyintuitivehealth.com within one month of purchase.